Plastic mold factory cost-saving way

Plastic mold factory cost-saving way

How does the current plastic mold factory save costs, because the cost of materials is now double that of the previous year. Although China and the United States are fighting a trade war, the prices of many materials have doubled. The business of the plastic mold factory is also the same, the cost has increased a lot, and the profit is particularly low now. There is no way to change many of the current products to plastic mold production, so that the unit price of the product will be very advantageous.

How does a plastic mold factory save costs and lower some unit prices for customers? At the time of production, the plastic mold factory will prepare a small crusher next to the production machine. The spout produced can be directly broken, and then press The percentage of raw materials is added to save some raw materials.

There is also a large shredder that can help plastic mold factories save materials. In the production process, the relatively large nozzle is a small shredder that cannot be broken. Each plastic mold factory will have several large shredder machines. Generally, it is to break the large nozzle and some colorful nozzles, and the product without wave. This and the second-recovery nozzle can be mixed with black, but the nature will not change.

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