What is high density engraving machine

What is high density engraving machine

Performance introduction:

1. The whole steel structure is welded and tempered, and it is firm and not deformed. Gantry movement, fixed work surface, can process materials on the work surface at will.

2. The HD-1325 engraving machine is currently an economical product with the highest cost performance. It is equipped with a domestic 4.5KW water-cooled electric spindle (optionally imported Italian HSD or GC Columbus electric spindle), and a 5.5KW centrifugal vacuum pump. The adsorption device can reach 230 cubic meters per hour.

3. The tabletop adopts vacuum adsorption tabletop, made of bakelite, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and can strongly adsorb non-metallic materials in different areas. The vacuum adsorption table is divided into six processing areas, which can be processed in a single area or at the same time, which has improved the processing efficiency.

4. The Y axis is driven by dual motors, which are selected and matched to ensure smooth movement.
5. Adopt high-precision gear rack transmission, speed up and accuracy increase.

6. The imported square linear guide rail is adopted to ensure the high precision of the machine and can bear large loads.

7. The processing speed is fast and the efficiency is high. The idle speed can reach 30000mm / min. In the engraving and processing of wave plate, it can reach a high speed of 20000mm / min.

Software introduction:

1. This machine can engrave any graphic patterns, support scanner, and directly support G code format generated by various CAD / CAM software such as UG, ArtCAM, Type3, CorelDraw, Proe, Wentai, Jingdiao and so on.

2. Adopt embedded DSP numerical control system or PCI control card numerical control system, which can realize the function of continuation of engraving at breakpoint and power-off memory, and can realize completely offline operation

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