Features of gantry drill

Features of gantry drill

The gantry CNC drill is named gantry because it looks like a door. The gantry CNC drilling is slightly larger than other drilling machines; compared with other drilling machines, the operation stability and working efficiency are higher.

Its main features are as follows:

  • 1. Crossbeam: It adopts integral casting or square tube butt welding structure, which has the characteristics of good rigidity, high precision, light weight and small inertia. Note: All welded parts are subjected to vibration aging stress relief treatment, which effectively prevents structural deformation;
  • 2. Horizontal and vertical drive: both adopt precise gear rack transmission. The horizontal guide rail adopts the linear guide rail imported from Taiwan, and the vertical guide rail is made of precision machined special steel rail, which ensures the stable operation of the drilling machine, and is durable, clean and beautiful; the planetary gear reducer is used for deceleration, which can perfectly guarantee the accuracy of movement And balance;
  • 3. Longitudinal drive frame (end frame): horizontal guide wheels are installed at both ends, and the compression degree of the eccentric wheel at the bottom of the drive frame to the guide rail can be adjusted to keep the whole machine stable and stable during movement. Equipped with a dust collector, it can sweep the debris accumulated on the surface of the guide rail at any time;
  • 4. The drive system can choose domestic servo drive and other systems according to user needs, so that the whole machine runs more smoothly, the speed range is wider, and the acceleration time is short;
  • 5. The lifting body adopts aluminum alloy structure, the lifting guide adopts linear guide rail, and the lifting and lifting adopts ball screw lifting;
  • 6. Simple and easy-to-use automatic programming system makes CNC programming no longer complicated and easy; reduces the dependence on labor.
  • 7. The CNC control system adopts the self-developed control system, which has the best domestic stability and super anti-interference ability.

Although the gantry CNC drill has many advantages, it is generally more expensive than other drills. However, due to its high accuracy and low dependence on operators, it also improves work efficiency and corporate tastes for many reasons. Therefore, the powerful function should cover up the “shortcomings” of its high price.

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