What are the advantages of rotomolding fuel tanks and iron tanks?

What Are The Advantages Of Rotomolding Fuel Tanks And Iron Tanks

With the rapid development of the rotomolding process, more and more products are made by rotomolding process, and more and more engineering fuel tanks choose rotomolding process. Compared with traditional iron tanks, polyethylene is used as the raw material for rotomolding What are the advantages of the fuel tank?

Comparison of the advantages of rotomolded fuel tank and traditional fuel tank:

  1. light weight. When the engine power is constant, the lighter the car, the greater the effective load. Therefore, from the premise of saving fuel, the designer made every effort to reduce the weight of the car and improve the economy of the car. Since the relative density of plastic is only about 1/7 of that of metal, compared with a metal fuel tank of the same volume, the weight can be reduced by about 1/3 to half.
  2. the shape is casual. The appearance of modern cars is becoming more and more compact, and there are more and more configurations on the car. Therefore, making full use of the available space on the car is an effective way to improve the utilization rate of the car. Because the manufacturing method of the plastic fuel tank is different from that of the metal fuel tank, it can be made into a special-shaped fuel tank with a complicated shape by one-time rotomolding. Therefore, when the overall layout of the car has been determined, the shape of the fuel tank can be adjusted to the space position, the remaining space of the chassis can be fully utilized, the volume of the fuel tank can be expanded, the fuel storage capacity can be increased, and the mileage of the car can be increased.
  3. No explosion. Metal fuel tanks are prone to explode in the event of a fire and are of great danger. Since the plastic fuel tank is made of high molecular weight polyethylene, the thermal conductivity is very low, only 1% of that of metal. At the same time, high molecular weight polyethylene is flexible and rigid, and it still has excellent impact resistance and mechanical properties in the environment of minus 40 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, and it is not easy to produce sparks when impact and friction occur. Even if the car accidentally catches fire, there will be no explosion due to the thermal expansion of the plastic fuel tank, and the passengers on the car will have sufficient time to transfer.
  4. Others. 100% cleanliness, anti-static, anti-corrosion and easy handling, shock resistance, impact resistance, especially in cold areas can prevent metal corrosion caused by ice and salt, due to high molecular weight stability and good performance, plastic fuel tank has a long service life.

The rotomolded fuel tank has excellent corrosion resistance to various types of acids and alkalis, its beautiful appearance and streamline are not easy to be stained, it can easily remove dirt, it is economical and durable, the tank body is integrally formed without bonding points, it is not easy to break, and it is resistant to heat and freezing Good, the outlet joint is made of the same material as the barrel body, and is processed by the heat fusion method, which can always save the trouble of leakage.

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