Summer maintenance of PE plastic water tank

Summer Maintenance Of PE Plastic Water Tank

The rotomolded PE water tank has a relatively large capacity and replaces the traditional reinforced concrete water tank very well. It has a relatively light weight and a very high strength. The materials used for PE plastic water tanks are all new imported food-grade LLDPE polyethylene. The rotational molding process is introduced. When it is produced, it is spin-molded once.

PE material rotomolded one-time life water tank is not only simple to install, but also relatively low in cost, long in service life, and beautiful in shape, so it is a good choice for water storage and water supply equipment.

Summer is coming, in hot summer the temperature is relatively high and the sunlight is relatively strong, so it is very important for the maintenance of the plastic water tank, because the plastic barrel will be whitened under the direct sunlight, and the temperature will also make the plastic become It is very soft and affects the strength of the plastic water tank. At the same time, the liquid stored in the water tank will also be affected to a certain extent, so it is a very big test for the plastic water tank in the summer. Although the PE plastic water tank has a certain resistance to oxidation, compared with ordinary plastic barrels, the service life is longer, but there is still an aging phenomenon.

Therefore, when installing the PE plastic water tank, be careful not to place the water tank in direct sunlight, and also have a cool and ventilated environment. In summer, it is also necessary to pay attention to setting a circle of protective covers around the plastic water tank. This The protective cover can not only prevent the plastic water tank from becoming soft due to the increase in temperature in summer, but also prevent the plastic water tank from freezing and cracking due to the cold temperature in winter. In addition, plastic tanks in summer should be regularly checked and cleared. Summer is also a season for algae growth. Regular cleaning can greatly reduce the growth of aquatic algae plants and extend the life of plastic tanks.

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