The solution to the damage of the guide post used in the injection mold

The solution to the damage of the guide post used in the injection mold

There are six systems in the injection mold, and the guide system is set up to ensure that the moving mold and the fixed mold can be accurately centered when the mold is closed. The guide parts must be installed in the mold. In the injection mold, four sets of guide columns and guide sleeves are usually used to form the guide part. Sometimes, the inner and outer cone surfaces that coincide with each other on the moving mold and the fixed mold are needed to assist positioning.

The guide post mainly plays a guiding role in the mold to ensure that the molding surfaces of the core and the cavity do not touch each other under any circumstances, and the guide post cannot be used as a force member or a positioning member. So how to deal with the damage to the guide post during the use of the injection mold?

In several cases, during injection, the moving and fixed molds will produce a huge lateral offset force. When the wall thickness of the plastic part is not uniform, the flow rate through the thick wall is large, which generates a large pressure; the side of the plastic part is asymmetric, such as the mold of the stepped parting surface, the opposite sides The pressure is not equal.

In order to manufacture a set of high-quality injection molds, an injection mold factory needs to understand every detail in the design, manufacture, and molding of each set of molds, and understand the purpose of each part in the mold. Understand the important role of the guide post in the injection mold, understand the damage caused by the guide post damage to the entire mold, and will pay more attention to such problems in subsequent use, not only can better produce excellent plastic products , Also greatly increased the service life of injection molds.

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