The difficulty of waterproof smart bracelet soft glue


The plastic mold factory makes smart bracelets. The waterproof function is a hardship that every company needs to go through. No matter how gorgeous the product looks, it can’t meet the waterproof function when it is exposed to water. This product can only be a waste product. If you make a smart bracelet waterproof This detail requires the technical team of the plastic mold factory to control the details in place.

The plastic mold factory must grasp the manufacturing focus of the smart bracelet, the mold design radian and matching details, and the product assembly R angle position accuracy must be within 0.01MM to effectively ensure that the injection does not leak after the mold is completed. The selection of plastic materials can be achieved in the industry. There are a lot of TPU/TPE materials. At this time, it is necessary to screen plastic materials from environmental protection to high material test index standards for injection molding. The hardness of the product is conventionally controlled at 80-85°. The surface is not easy to white print after molding. It can only be used if the waterproof test is OK.

PTJ Plastic Mould Factory can produce smart bracelets for plastic moulds with beautiful appearance and perfect functions by interlocking the design details of mould manufacturing to the control of moulding materials and the maintenance of the mould.

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