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Toning occurs during the processing and production of plastic molds. There are still many conventional problems that need to be avoided for the coloring of products. Today, Shenzhen Botenner Plastic Mold Processing Factory will give you a detailed technical sharing.

The first and most important step is to understand what are the requirements of injection molding color mixing when processing plastic molds. Let’s talk about the color mixing requirements first: there are standard reference samples or color cards for products that need color mixing. Partial pass number reference, conventionally, it is necessary to have real objects versus real colors. In addition to the standard lighting of the sample and reference objects, the color matching needs to meet the normal inspection level.

The color mixing in the plastic mold processing after the product color is OK, you need to record the toner number and technical ratio in detail to facilitate subsequent production. The color ratio is adjusted because there is a microscopic difference between the manually shaken toner and the machine ratio. , In addition, the color plate after color mixing is usually set after 2 hours of normal production at the mold temperature, to avoid the manufacturing and production troubles caused by indifference to the sample.

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