The automobile manufacturing industry influence in the mold industry

The automobile manufacturing industry influence in the mold industry

Components using plastic mold forming technology have definite adaptability, which itself requires thinner and definite shaping. Components such as crankshafts and connecting rods with thickness and diameter have difficulty in stamping with a die. At present, it is best to use the mold to make the blank of the crankshaft first, and then use cutting to finish the machining.

The advantage of using mold is that it can reduce costs, save time, improve production efficiency, so that enterprises can now be invincible in the fierce competition. However, at present, molds are used in automobile manufacturing, or plastic components, lamps, steel plate shells and other accessories. The real car core engine still uses cutting technology, not mold technology.
In addition to the engine cannot use mold technology, the crankshaft used in automobiles can not use this technology.

With the increasing economic and living standards, the number of cars is also rising. When we saw so many cars, we couldn’t help but realize the huge output behind the manufacturers. Undoubtedly, China’s mold industry has led the development of the automotive industry, so what impact does mold have on automobile manufacturing, and what requirements does the automotive industry have on the mold industry.

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