Demand For Plastic Gear Molds

Demand For Plastic Gear Molds
  • 1. Accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure; in the future development, the machining gear mold industry should first pay more attention to the strategic adjustment of its product structure, so that high-end molds with complex structures and high precision are developed faster. At the same time, the mold industry should also closely follow the market demand to develop. Without product demand and product replacement, there would be no technological advancement in the mold industry, and there would be no scale or grade of mold products. The level of mold technology, to a large extent, determines the quality, efficiency and development capabilities of new products.
  • 2. Accelerate the implementation of industry standards; at present, there is no national standard or ready-made industry standard for the processing of gear molds, especially in plastic gear molds. The technical standard is a relatively open standard, but the product standard is very difficult to make. It is necessary to consider many aspects such as the experimental standard, precision standard, and test device standard of the gear mold.
  • 3. Strengthen the cooperation density between industries; the development of modern industry is a mutually cooperative relationship, which is equally important for the gear mold industry. This kind of cooperation is first and foremost a direct cooperation in industry research. For example, several universities are studying gear molds, concentrating the power of the gear industry and some university research institutions, and doing some integrated research and cooperation in process equipment, plastic internal deformation laws, etc.
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