Steps for fine nozzle mold opening mold

Steps for fine nozzle mold opening mold

Steps for opening mold of fine nozzle mold

The first step is to open the P / L-1 at a distance of about 10mm. The spout hook will pull the spout away from the product;
The second step P / L-2 is at least about 100mm <this distance is very important, the mold base must refer to it. Generally not less than the size of adult fist or manipulator, and the size of the space can ensure the smooth removal of the spout), the spout will be taken out between these two plates;
The third step is to open P / L-3 and take out the product. Similarly, this distance is also determined by the size of the product.

Fine nozzle molds are divided into hot runners: ordinary runner molds and hot runner molds

In addition to satisfying the needs of products with special structure and extra large size, the hot runner mold also has the characteristics of high production efficiency and no nozzle. Although it is much more expensive in terms of mold cost, it is very cost-effective in terms of long-term production.

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