Classification of hot runner mold

Classification of hot runner mold

Hot runner molds are divided into single-color, two-color and three-color molds according to the color of injection, and are divided into soft, hard and three-color molds according to hardness.

The hot runner mold refers to a mold that uses a heating device to make the melt in the runner never solidify. Because it has a shorter molding cycle than traditional molds and saves more raw materials, hot runner molds are extremely widely used in today’s industrialized countries and regions in the world.

1. Classification according to the number of colors injected

According to the number of injection colors, it is divided into single-color single-color molds, two-color molds and three-color molds.

2. Divided into soft mold and hard mold according to steel hardness

The hard mold is usually made of harder steel. Some large companies usually open a set of soft molds first, and after the molds are changed, after the model is good, open several sets of the same hard molds. Formal production uses hard molds. In addition to the high unit price, the hard mold has a long service life, stable quality, and excellent appearance.

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