Processing time of plastic mold

Processing time of plastic mold

In the early stage of plastic mold development, how long it takes for mold manufacturing is our customers’ most concern. Whether it is electronic products, medical products and environmental protection equipment in the market, it will be updated every day. It is not enough to say that time is money. It is more like the life of an enterprise. I think this is what most entrepreneurs agree with.
Regarding how long it takes to process plastic molds, this problem cannot be generalized. It should be considered from a variety of factors, such as the difficulty of processing product structures, customer product requirements, product material characteristics, and the minimum order quantity of mold products, that is, the number of openings . Shenzhen Nanya Teda Plastic Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrating plastic mold manufacturing and injection processing. Since the establishment of the company, it has been sincere and honest, based on the business philosophy of Nuoru to create a professional manufacturing brand, a professional quality team, a working attitude of excellence, continuous innovation and the pursuit of excellence. The summary of many years of work experience tells us how to respond to customers’ queries about mold manufacturing time. Today we will briefly explain to you how long it takes for plastic mold processing.

The plastic mold processing and production cycle is strictly scientifically calculated, and it is impossible to just scratch the head and report a number to the customer. This mainly depends on the complexity of product design structure, size, accuracy, quantity requirements, product performance, etc.

  • 1. Product requirements: Different customers must have different product requirements. The appearance of the design is sub-surface or glossy or mirror surface, which affects the production cycle of plastic molds.
  • 2. Product size: Yes, the larger the size, the longer the plastic mold processing cycle will be. In contrast, the processing time of spare parts will be longer.
  • 3. Product structure: Refers to the structural difficulty of the plastic parts samples provided by customers. Generally, it can be understood as follows: the more complicated the shape of the plastic parts, the more difficult it is to make molds. Technically, the more the parting surface of the plastic part, the more assembly positions, buckle positions, hole positions, and rib positions, the greater the difficulty of processing accordingly. In both cases, the mold production time will be correspondingly longer. Generally speaking, the more complicated the mold structure, the lower the quality, the greater the difficulty of processing, the more problematic points, and the slower the final product effect.
  • 4. The number of cavities in the mold: that is, a set of molds has several cavities, and a set of molds produces several products, depending on the size of the customer’s product market. There are definitely differences between making two products and one product. Processing Time will be different. Normally, new products are not fully opened due to the market, and the demand for the products is not so large. At this time, the number of injection mold holes is not so much, and the market supply can be guaranteed, and the cost performance is relatively the highest. Of course, after the product market matures, the number of cavities in the mold must be increased. That depends on the market demand to determine whether to make changes in the number of cavities in order to feed back market demand.
  • 5. Product material performance: Often our products have special requirements, and the requirements for mold steel and processing technology are also different. For example, we have made PC and ceramic molds in the early stage of Xinghong Exhibition Technology. The purpose of adding ceramics is insulation and fire protection. It is generally used in led lighting. The requirements for the molds are different. The molds need to be hardened. After hardening, the secondary grinding CNC machine will make the subsequent processing more difficult. Naturally, it will take more time. It will be different, and the manufacturing process will be more complicated.
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