Instructions for injection molding machines safe production

Instructions for injection molding machines safe production
  • 1. During the semi-automatic normal production of the injection molding machine, only three actions of opening the front safety door, removing the product and feed bar, and closing the front safety door can be performed. If additional actions are required, it must be confirmed by the technician whether it is necessary for normal annual production. operation.
  • 2. In addition to the actions described above, any actions must be performed manually, after shutting down the oil pump. For those involved in electrical, you need to turn off the power. For example, before you may touch the nozzle and the glue tube, and clean the mold or adjust any mechanical parts, you need to turn off the power to ensure safety.
  • 3. When the equipment has an automatic alarm, the operator needs to withdraw from the equipment and switch to the “manual” state.
  • 4. In case of emergencies such as personal accidents or abnormal sounds of equipment molds, you need to immediately press the stop button and seek help from others.
  • 5. During the operation of the machine, pay special attention to avoid extending any part of the body into the closed safety door, and open the safety door before reaching into the mold. If you perform daily inspections or repair the equipment, you need to put the upper body into the middle of the two templates, and you need to turn off the oil pump; no matter under what circumstances, you need to cut off the power when the entire body enters between the two templates.
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