Plastic mold product quality standards

Plastic mold product quality standards

The most important manifestation of product expansion is the improvement of product quality. Although China’s mold products are mainly based on low-end products in the early stage, high-end products have gradually become mainstream after years of efforts. Therefore, the requirements and specifications for products are getting higher and higher.

We know that the advantages of China ’s cheap labor cost and the good momentum of the rapid development of the entire economy have brought magnificent development prospects to China ’s mold profession. It is expected that by 2020, China will become one of the world ’s largest mold manufacturing bases. One.

Over the years, the mold industry has made continuous progress, prompting a large number of leading enterprises to emerge in China. For example, automobile cover molds have “four masters”, and more than 100 companies in the mold profession have been awarded the title of “China’s main backbone mold enterprise”; in terms of industrial layout China’s mold industry is expanding from the more developed Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta regions to the interior and the north, and some new mold production areas have emerged. More importantly, China’s mold industry not only has a huge plan, but also has more and more rich grades. The share of high-level molds represented by large, fine, messy, and long-life molds has reached more than 35%.

However, the overall level of the mold industry is still lagging behind the international advanced level. The mold output is still not satisfied with the demand of mold malls. The satisfaction rate of domestic molds for malls is less than 80%, especially for high-end molds with high mold technology content. 60%.

China’s mold industry must vigorously develop advanced science and technology, broaden the scope of application of technology, and timely convert advanced technology into mold productivity to meet China’s growing demand for mold malls and promote the rapid development and growth of China’s economy.

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