Is plastic mold helpful to China’s construction industry?

Is plastic mold helpful to China's construction industry?

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of domestic equipment and skills, many mold companies have also chosen domestic machine tools. Before 2010, China’s machine tool consumption reached about 20 billion US dollars per year, and the accounting data flashed. Ultra-precision mirror milling machine, ultra-precision CNC machining china have also been used in the manufacture of plastic road molds.

When the plastic road mold equipment is in normal operation, the usual protection of plastic road molds is to clean, tighten, lubricate, adjust, and prevent corrosion. This is done every day. Viewed, and punctual protection, protect and repair mechanical equipment several times in a regular time, with cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, collapse, and overhaul as the main content.

China’s plastic plastic road mold industry will be accompanied by common sense The advent of the economic era has brought about in-depth innovations.The typicalization of mold structures, the standardization of parts, standardized professional production and commercialized supply are also inevitable trends that will unfold in the future.

The occupation of standard parts for plastic road molds should be carried out in accordance with the guidelines and strategies set out in the national “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” for the development of the molds. That is, actively promote the production of information, digitization, precision, automation and standardization of road mold plastic molds to strengthen production.The combination of study and research promotes the advancement of innovation and research capabilities.

Actively develop advanced mold standard parts and mold root parts. During the implementation process, we must focus on completing the requirements of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”: “Break a batch of ground zero The key manufacturing skills and product skills of components have reached the international advanced level in the early 21st century. “

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