Plastic mold processing flow

Plastic mold processing flow

Opening: front mold material, rear mold material, insert material, line material, inclined top material;
Open frame: front mold frame, rear mold frame;
Thick opening: the front mold cavity is thick, the rear mold cavity is thick, and the parting line is thick;
Copper male: front copper male, rear copper male, parting line copper male;
Wire cutting: insert parting line, copper male, inclined top pillow position;
Computer gong: fine gong parting line, fine gong back mold core;
EDM: thick front mold, copper male, male mold line angle, rear bone position, pillow position;
Drilling, pinhole, thimble;
Line position, line pressure;
Pitched top
Compound thimble, with thimble;

  • ① Chisels, code mold pits, garbage nails (limit nails);
  • ② flying molds;
  • ③ spouts, braces, springs, water transport;

Bone position of mold saving, polishing, front mold and rear mold;
Fine water structure, pull rod screw hook, spring
Heat treatment, quenching, surface nitriding of important parts;
Modification lettering.

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