Different casting system

Different casting system

According to the different casting systems, molds can be divided into three categories:

  • ⑴ Large nozzle mold: the runner and gate are on the parting line, and the product is demolded together with the product during mold opening. The design is the simplest, easy to process, and the cost is low, so many people use the large nozzle system to operate.
  • ⑵ Fine nozzle mold: The runner and gate are not on the parting line, and are generally directly on the product. Therefore, it is necessary to design an additional set of nozzle dividing line. system.
  • (3) Hot runner mold: The structure of this type of mold is roughly the same as that of the fine nozzle.

The biggest difference is that the runner is in one or more hot runner plates and hot mouths with constant temperature. There is no cold material demolding, and the runner and gate are directly In the product, so the runner does not need to be demolded. This system is also called a waterless system, which can save raw materials. It is suitable for the situation where the raw materials are expensive and the product requirements are high. It is difficult to design and process, and the mold cost is high.

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