New opportunities for the plastic mold industry development

New opportunities for the plastic mold industry development

It is understood that the emergence and development of recycled plastic molds is expected to solve the problem of plastic product pollution. In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to the quality of the living environment, the increasing awareness of environmental protection of the masses, coupled with rising crude oil prices, has pushed up the prices of plastic raw materials, and the clean and environmentally friendly recycled plastic industry has gained a good opportunity for development. Industry experts introduced products that have undergone technological innovation With the adjustment of industrial structure, China’s recycled plastics industry has made great progress and is developing towards high quality, variety and high technology.

Despite the promising prospects of China’s recycled plastics industry, in the actual development process, it still faces many problems. On the one hand, due to the wide source of recycled plastic, its quality is uneven, and the performance difference between batches is also very large, which leads to a relatively low quality stability of recycled plastic; Out of the original plastic price.

In addition, judging from the current overall situation of the recycled plastics industry, domestic waste plastic recycling enterprises are still mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and the industry concentration is relatively scattered. Since the recycling and reuse of waste plastics is a complicated process, the technical requirements are also relatively high. The domestic recycled plastic industry is still dominated by physical recycling, which undoubtedly hinders the development of the entire industry to some extent.

As the technical level of China’s plastic mold industry improves and product levels gradually increase, some international mainframe industry supply chain systems are further inclined to domestic enterprises, which will make it an opportunity and challenge. It is understood that the independent matching rate of molds required by the Chinese market will reach more than 85%, of which the independent matching rate of middle and high-end molds will be significantly improved.

Some experts pointed out that in addition to continuing to improve production capacity in the future, China’s mold industry should focus on the adjustment of internal structure and the improvement of technological development. Mainly the enterprise structure is adjusted to specialization, the product structure is developed towards the middle and high-end molds, the improvement of the import and export structure, the mold analysis and structure improvement of the mid-to-high-end automobile cover parts, the multi-functional composite mold and composite processing and laser technology in mold design Application, high-speed cutting, super-finishing and polishing technology, and the development of information technology.

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