Essential factors for plastic injection mold design

Essential factors for plastic injection mold design

The composition of the plastic mold: the structure of the blow mold, the casting mold and the thermoforming mold is relatively simple; the structure of the compression mold, the injection mold and the transfer mold is more complicated, and there are many parts constituting this type of mold.

According to different molding methods, plastic processing mold types corresponding to different process requirements can be divided, mainly including injection molding molds, extrusion molding molds, plastic molding molds, high-foam polystyrene molding molds, etc.

The use of plastic molds: China’s plastic molds have been driven by high technology and the application requirements of pillar industries, forming a huge industrial chain, from upstream raw and auxiliary materials industry and processing, testing equipment to downstream machinery, automobiles, motorcycles , Household appliances, electronic communications, building materials and other major application industries, plastic mold development is alive.

At this stage of the fierce competition in the plastic injection mold manufacturing industry, the cost of mold manufacturing and injection processing plants is a topic that every merchant pays close attention to. Plastic injection mold manufacturers must fully consider how to reduce costs and create high throughout the injection mold How can the effect be guaranteed? Plastic injection mold design must fully consider some of the following elements:

1. Cost of injection processing

According to the size of the machinery and equipment, each beer is a lot of money, and then the method and number of holes for the company’s product ranking are clarified. The larger the total number of molds, the lower the cost of injection processing. Due to the cost in the injection molding plant, the cost calculation is based on beer times.

2. Enterprise product appearance

According to the standards of product appearance of the enterprise, the clinical diagnosis is clarified. The specific location of the clinical diagnosis surface should be beneficial to mold manufacturing, exhaust pipes, and mold release. The larger the product of the enterprise, the greater the potential safety hazard of the appearance problem.

3. Outlet method

Clarify the shape and size of mainstream product channels and separation channels, as well as the direction of their exhaust pipes. The cost of the hot runner mold increases, but the cost of the nozzle is saved. Each pros and cons depends on how customers choose.

4. Enterprise product release

Clarify the injection method and specific location of the ejector pin. The larger the injection location, the higher the mold manufacturing cost.
The plastic injection mold design must also fully consider the shrinkage rate of the company’s products and the injection processing time period, clarify the water cooling or heating method and juxtapose the location of the water cooling channel. Fully consider the service life of mold manufacturing, and clarify the strength, thickness and size of metal materials. And the difficulty factor of production and processing, clear the split of shaped parts and achieve the characteristics of line-cut structure. If all aspects of the method are comprehensively controlled in this regard, and a more comprehensive analysis and selection can be achieved, the cost can be effectively guaranteed to be reduced.

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