Is silicone lunch box toxic, can it withstand high temperatures?

Is silicone lunch box toxic, can it withstand high temperatures?

When it comes to silicone, many people’s knowledge of silicone comes from human body shaping. Silicone rubber has been proved to be a very healthy and safe silicone material. At the same time, it has become an indispensable thing in our lives.

As early as in some European countries, silicone kitchen utensils have replaced many ceramic and stainless steel kitchen utensils, and all the silicone kitchen utensils that they use in contact with food are made in China.

Why foreigners are so safe to use silicone products in contact with food, this is related to the sound product inspection standards in their country. In foreign countries, silicone products want to be sold locally. All silicone rubber products must meet their relevant food-grade testing standards, such as the FDA standard in the United States. In China, due to the irregularities in the market, there are many loopholes, and a large number of unqualified products have flooded into the market, which has increased the fear of consumers.

Of course, the regular silicone kitchen utensil manufacturers are in line with the national food-grade standards, and they can be used safely and safely. In addition, pay attention to these when purchasing silicone lunch boxes, understand the brand and product parameters, so as to avoid buying fakes and damaging consumers interest.

What are the advantages of silicone lunch boxes?

  • 1. The silicone lunch box is molded by food grade silicone material, non-toxic and tasteless, healthy and environmentally friendly.
  • 2. The silicone lunch box can be folded, does not occupy space, does not absorb oil stains, is easy to clean, and has a desiccant effect, so it will not be moldy and deteriorated due to long-term storage.
  • 3. The silicone lunch box adapts to the food temperature better. No matter whether the food is cold or hot, the silicone lunch box can protect the temperature of the food and reduce the temperature loss. The food placed in the silicone container can maintain the original temperature after a period of time, and has a good heat insulation effect, so that it will not be burned.
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