Points for attention in the design of chassis molds and plastic molds

Points for attention in the design of chassis molds and plastic molds

Chassis molds are now switched to automatic non-standard equipment. I think the main reason is not expecting plastic molds in the future. In the future, many things will be made of metal shells, complex molds will be fewer and fewer, and the market is shrinking. Now the profit of the mold is too small, and many are losing money, so they are all molds. The outlook may not be very good. It mainly depends on your interest. Mold masters are still very popular. It is difficult to complete mold design without three to five years of work experience. Finally, wages and benefits have not yet reached the desired goal. So, understand the basics. It is recommended to transfer to project manager. In general, consciously put the glue inside the product, when the mold is opened, the product is automatically cut off. At present, it is widely used in notebook computers.
It is difficult to process and requires EDM, which is difficult to maintain.

2083 factory hardness HB180 ~ 240, heat treatment, hardness 480 ~ 520HRC, not suitable for nitriding heat treatment (sharp corner cracking). The steel has good corrosion resistance and polishing effect. Therefore, general transparent rubber parts and corrosive rubber compounds, such as PVC and fireproof materials, V2, V1, V0 plastics are suitable for this steel. This kind of steel is also very common. Used in plastic molds, so the brand also depends on the specifications of the steel mill. If it is a transparent plastic part, our company generally does not use this kind of steel, because when it is polished to high gloss, it is easy to produce pits due to insufficient hardness, and it is also easy to have flower marks in the plastic. It should be polished again, so it is a A variety of transparent plastic parts. Heat treatment with 1.2083 ESR to 480 ~ 520HRC. Many can go to learn to be a product design engineer; you can be a project engineer; if the machine comes back, you can find a management job in the engineering background; you can be a mold improvement engineer; in fact, the road is still very Wide, you must continue to learn, there are experts in design, and the design of the technology itself is a boring thing, and it takes hard work to improve.

What should be paid attention to in the process of mold design?

  • (1) The wall thickness should be as uniform as possible, and the draft angle should be large enough.
  • (2) The transition part should gradually and smoothly transition to prevent sharp corners.
  • (3) Gate. The runner should be as wide and thick as possible, and the gate position should be set according to the shrinkage and condensation process. If necessary, cold wells should be added.
  • (4) The surface of the mold is smooth and the roughness is low (preferably 0.8)
  • (5) The exhaust holes and grooves must be sufficient to exhaust the air and gas in the melt.
  • (6) In addition to PET, the wall thickness should not be too thin, generally not less than 1mm.

The defense of plastic mold manufacturers is an idiom that can prevent a very simple mistake and prevent dizziness! For example, the size of the insert is the same as the suspended platform on both sides of the world. During on-site assembly, it is likely to be installed on the side of the world, but he is hanging on the side of the plug-in. It cannot be installed, nor can it be installed incorrectly. This behavior of preventing daze and mistakes is daze.

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