Common problems and treatment methods in plastic injection processing

Common problems and treatment methods in plastic injection processing

When products are processed by oil injection, the quality of the oil injection is quite high. However, problems such as dull color, sand holes, oil accumulation, oil leakage, and oil stains are common in the production process. What should I do? Today, the editor will give you a detailed analysis and hope to help everyone.

One: matte
There are two main reasons for the dullness of the product during oil injection processing. One is poor paint quality. One is that the fuel injection layer is too thin. These two aspects will cause the problem of matt color. How to deal with it? One is to directly change the paint, it is best to choose high-quality paint. One is to thicken the paint layer of the product.

Two: sand holes
The main reason for the occurrence of sand holes in the product is that the surface of the processed product shows holes of a size and sand. How to deal with it? Grind the processed products, it is correct that there will be no sand holes.

Three: oil accumulation
Product oil accumulation is very simple, that is, uneven oil injection on the surface of the fuel injection object, which directly leads to the problem of product oil accumulation. How to deal with it? Perform adjustments until the surface of the oil-injected object is sprayed evenly.

Four: Leak fuel injection
When the product is leaking fuel, it is generally because the fuel is leaking. How to deal with it? There is no skill at all, the direct way is to spray oil carefully to avoid missing behavior.

Five: Grease
The appearance of oil stains on the product is caused by oil stains on its surface. Directly caused no oil when spraying oil, followed by oil stains. How to deal with it? Before the oil injection process, the oil removal operation is performed first.

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