Design method of extrusion die

Design method of extrusion die

In order to let more friends know the related common knowledge of the mold, the following plastic mold factory has to talk about the optimization plan of the aluminum alloy kneading mold. Type and assembly method, kneading mold classification, etc. The mold assembly generally includes molds, mold pads, and mold supports or mold holders to fix them (when kneading hollow products, the mold assembly also includes the needle tip, the rear end of the needle, the core head, etc. ). Depending on the structure of the kneader and the form of the mold base (longitudinal, lateral, and rolling), the mold assembly method is different.

Now let’s take a look at the several ways to classify the kneading mold. Kneading molds can be classified as follows:

  • First, according to the cross-sectional shape of the die hole tightening area, it can be divided into streamlined die and double cone die, etc.
  • Secondly, the types of products that can be kneaded can be divided into bar molds, general solid molds, wall plate molds with variable cross-section profiles and tube molds, hollow profile molds, etc.
  • The third point, the number of technical die holes can be divided into single 7L die and porous die.
  • Fourth, according to the kneading method and process characteristics, it can be divided into hot kneading molds, kneading molds, reverse kneading molds, successive kneading molds, water-cooled molds, wide spread molds and molds for vertical kneading machines. Cold kneading mold, static liquid horizontal kneading machine mold;
  • Fifth, according to the mold structure, it can be divided into integral mold, discernible mold, removable mold, movable mold, tongue-shaped combined mold, planar split-flow combined mold, mosaic mold, re-framed mold, pre-mold and protective mold.
  • Sixthly, according to the shape of the mold, it can be divided into a cone mold with inverted cone, a round-shaped mold with a boss, a silver mold with a regular cone, and a cone-shaped “center cone pressure ring mold with an inverted cone, Circle with inverted cone.
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