Ceramic mould casting process and manufacturing process

Ceramic mould casting process and manufacturing process

The ceramic mold casting process refers to the method in which liquid metal is injected into the ceramic mold under gravity to form a casting. It is called ceramic mold casting. It is a precision casting method developed on the basis of sand casting and investment casting. Manufacturing saves man-hours and reduces costs compared to traditional processing methods.

In ceramic precision casting, the commonly used master molds (such as wood molds, gypsum molds, and metal molds) have difficulties in processing, difficulty in ensuring accuracy, long manufacturing cycle, short service life, and high cost. Therefore, for complex shapes The RP prototype technology of the parts is directly used in ceramic mold casting, which can save man-hours and reduce costs compared with traditional processing methods.

The process route of the ceramic precision casting method is: RP prototype → soft mold → removal of the master mold → pouring / spraying slurry → pouring metal → forming / processing → mold.

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