Which injection mold factories in Dongguan are better?

Which injection mold factories in Dongguan are better?

In the metropolis of Dongguan, there are many manufacturers of injection molds, but there are also many injection mold manufacturers with uneven quality. Looking for a better one, it is really a bit hard to find if it is not an expert! The following is recommended to everyone: PTJ injection mold factory, a designated supplier of mold and plastic parts of many top 500 enterprises, from injection mold opening, injection, spraying to assembly one-stop.

PTJ injection mold factory is located at the foot of Daling Mountain with clear water and fresh air in Dongguan, close to the national highway and convenient transportation. It is a modern standard industrial park covering an area of ​​15,000 square meters and now has more than 500 employees. The factory has more than ten years of production experience. Form a perfect industrial chain with an annual output of several hundred million yuan in mold injection coating assembly.

PTJ injection mold factory has large-scale production of sophisticated imported equipment, supporting the necessary equipment for mold processing, production and testing; Taiwan vigorously CNC, Japan FANUC wire walking, Japan Sodick mirror spark machine, Japan Nissei injection machine, Sweden Three-dimensional / two-dimensional detector, etc .; oil-injected 10,000-level dust-free workshop, Xinliguang 320-meter automatic injection line.

PTJ injection mold factory molds only use raw materials of internationally renowned brands, strictly control all errors of products from size to appearance, environmental protection; use industry-leading mold base brands such as Futaba, Longji and Sweden ’s ASSAB, Japan ’s Datong, and domestic Steel and other well-known steel brands ensure that the life of the mold can reach 500,000 times. The plastic raw materials imported from Bayer of Germany and SABIC of the United States are selected. The new materials are not mixed with any recycled materials.

PTJ injection mold factory has always implemented strict and strict quality control and implemented a standard quality management system. Quality control of links; management from multiple links such as design management, plan management, manufacturing and processing, logistics and transportation, shorten delivery, and maximize customer benefits; won QS certificate, ISO9001 quality management system certification, and strictly controlled products from size All errors in appearance and environmental protection.

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