What products are covered in the development of plastic molds?

What products are covered in the development of plastic molds?

Before the mold industry in the 1990s, due to the lack of popularization of CNC machining equipment, the mold delivery time was long, the precision was low, and the process was rough. In the middle and late 1990s, CNC and other processing equipment was gradually introduced and popularized, which greatly improved the delivery speed and quality of the mold. But compared with developed countries, there is still a big gap, mainly reflected in the accuracy of equipment, the quality of employees, management level and so on. It can be seen that although China’s mold industry is developing rapidly, compared with demand, it is obviously in short supply. The main gap is concentrated in the field of precision, large, complex and long-life molds. Due to the gaps in mold accuracy, life, manufacturing cycle and production capacity, China still needs a large number of imported molds every year.

In addition to continuing to increase production capacity, China’s mold industry will pay more attention to the adjustment of the internal structure of the industry and the improvement of technological development. In terms of structural adjustment, the company structure is mainly specialized, the product structure is developing in the direction of medium and high-end molds, the import and export structure has been improved, the mold analysis and structure improvement of mid-to-high-end automobile cover parts, multi-functional composite molds and composite processing, And the application of laser technology in mold design and manufacturing, high-speed cutting, super-precision polishing technology, information technology development, etc. In terms of management, we must develop in a standardized direction and establish a sustainable talent training mechanism.

At present, mold products are more and more widely used in the national economy and daily life. From the aspects of clothing, food, housing, transportation, etc., it involves the development and manufacturing of molds. Therefore, the mold industry will never be a sunset industry. We have to reserve enough funds for this industry. Confidence and expectations! Buttons, zippers, mobile phones, computers, cars, planes, trains, etc. as small as clothes! They are all made with molds. Therefore, we look forward to the rising star of our mold industry, carry forward this industry, strive to become stronger, and stand at the forefront of the world!

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