What Is Mold Lap Inspection

What Is Mold Lap InspectionWhat Is Mold Lap Inspection

Polishing the mold core part of the mold is called mold Lap Inspection.

  1.  When a new module starts to be processed, it should be cleaned with kerosene (kerosene) first, and then all oil stains and undesirable substances should be wiped off with alcohol. Stick to dirt and lose the cutting function.
  2. When saving the mold, you should first save the bottom corner of the module, the bone pit and the dead corner, and then the protruding position and the large plane.
  3. Some of the modules are embedded into three to four pieces to form a single module. Only the rough lines or fire patterns are removed along the edges of the individual mold ports, and then all the modules are clipped to be smooth, and the plastic parts are clamped when the beer is discharged. The bit will be slightly smoother.
  4. For large flat or high protruding modules, be sure to remove rough grains and use flat steel sheets and red lead to check whether the modules are uneven or reverse. There will be uneven products. Sticky mold or drag flower.
  5. If the module is a flat surface and the sealing position may be in a certain place, we can use double-sided adhesive paper to attach sandpaper to the edge of the mold not wanting to save.
  6. Use copper sheet or bamboo sheet to press the sandpaper to save the mold. Remember that the sandpaper should not be larger than the tool area so that the place that should not be hit is hit by the extra sandpaper to the round mouth or change the unevenness.
  7. Machining with copper sheet or bamboo sheet, the shape of the tool should be similar to the mold, so as not to save the module to deformation. For example: flat bamboo sheet for flat surface, small or round bamboo sheet for small or round surface.
  8. When the mold-saving plane is next to the protruding position, sandpaper or oilstone should be inclined 15 to 30 degrees to avoid the formation of a deep pit next to the protruding position.
  9. If the rough provincial oilstone is at 150 #, 180 #, 220 #, etc., the oil should not be added with fire water, except for the light above 320 #. The manual use of copper or bamboo chips depends on the environment at that time.
  10. If the fire pattern is not allowed in the module, the mold saver should see it clearly or use different methods to find out the fire pattern and it will be removed. Because there is a pattern after each mold test. The module must be disassembled and tried again It will cost a lot of man-hours and waste materials.
  11. Check the fire pattern method of the module. You can first clean the module, and evenly coat the surface with copper acid with a sweeper. After about 3 to 5 minutes, wash the module with e79fa5e98193e58685e5aeb931333337613164 and blow dry with an air gun. After the test, the modules with no fire pattern on the surface will be darkened, and those with the fire pattern on the surface will show shiny spots. Repeat the treatment with oil stone or sandpaper until the fire pattern is not darkened after the copper acid test. (The amount of copper acid is 3 and a half parts of water and 1 part of copper acid)
  12. It is not necessary to save the rough copper male than the young copper male, as long as the copper male surface or the protruding protrusions are saved, the concave ones do not have to be smooth. It is best to find the problem to save the mold. To be smooth, all the protruding positions of the corners should be saved to be clear and obedient, and the concave ones are the same to find out the reason, and it is not necessary to be smooth.
  13. If the copper male is collected on the bronze fixture of the spark machine, the four benchmark nails below must be placed on the bottom with soft objects (such as cloth and paper) to avoid unnecessary damage when the workpiece moves. Or the same practice on the shelf.
  14. Use hand or machine to beat above 400 # sandpaper. Pay attention to the clean surroundings of the module. Sandpaper should rub the sandpaper rolls against each other before cutting to remove the coarse sand particles on the sandpaper, which will reduce the sudden rough grains when polishing .
  15. The mold saver should report to the supervisor if he finds that there is an abnormality or when the module has been turned over, and finds that the plane is hit by an unknown object. The mold saver should be notified to the supervisor, and should not be handed over without completion. It was only found after the trial that it was abandoned and crashed.
  16. Carbon crystal saving mode: After processing on CNC gong bed, carbon crystal copper depends on the surface roughness, start with 400 # sandpaper to remove rough lines, then turn to 600 #, 800 #, 1000 # It can be polished with gold sandpaper, but it should be saved with diamond paste, and finally it can be thrown onto the smooth surface with a dry cloth.
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