what is MCF

what is MCF

Plastic microporous film (microcapillary film, MCF for short) is a new polymer extrusion molding technology proposed by M.R. Mackley [1] of Cambridge University in 2004. This technology transports the gas into a special extrusion die. After the melt leaves the die, a polymer film with micro-scale gas channels embedded in parallel is generated (see Figure 1).

Its products are flexible and can be flexibly wound on the surface of any complex object, and have broad application prospects in many fields such as fluid chemistry, micro heat exchangers, dynamic pressure sensors and fluid transmission [2-3].

MCF molding technology has been studied abroad for many years, and a lot of exploration and research has been carried out in the field of CAE, experiment and product application.

There is no report on this technology in China. The core of this technology is the design of MCF extrusion die. This study intends to use UG software to assist the design of MCF extrusion die.

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