What are the characteristics of rotomolding mold processing

What are the characteristics of rotomolding mold processing

Rotational molding, also known as rotomolding, rotary molding, rotary molding, etc., is a thermoplastic hollow molding method. The rotomolding process is mainly divided into two steps. First, the plastic raw materials are added to the mold, and then the mold is continuously rotated along the two vertical axes and heated. The plastic raw materials in the mold are gradually coated and melted under the action of gravity and thermal energy. It is attached to the entire surface of the mold cavity and shaped into the desired shape.
The characteristics of preformed rotomolded aluminum film processing are as follows:

  • it can directly shape complex shapes (such as some reinforced plastic products that need to be made separately in advance by other molding methods and then combined by hand) and large hollow products.
  • the preparation of products can be easily hardened by heating, thereby shortening the molding cycle of reinforced plastic products and ensuring the stability of product quality
  • it is convenient to place inserts in the parts and apply glue to the parts.
  • the entire processing process, only need to manually add raw materials and take out the product, the molding process is carried out in a closed mold, no styrene and other harmful gases and glass fiber flying to minimize the harm to the human body.

Precautions for the processing technology of rotomolded aluminum film

  • 1. The process is concise and detailed, and the processing content is expressed numerically as much as possible;
  • 2. The key and difficult points of processing, the process must be emphasized;
  • 3. The combination processing area is required, and the process is clearly expressed;
  • 4. When the inserts need to be processed separately, please pay attention to the technological requirements of the processing accuracy;
  • 5. After the combined processing, the rotomolding machine needs to process the insert parts separately. During the combined processing, the technical requirements for the separate processing are installed.
  • 6. The spring is the most susceptible to damage in mold processing, so choose a mold spring with a long fatigue life.
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