Variety of plastic mold types and structures

Variety of plastic mold types and structures
The general classification of plastic molds can be divided into plastic molds and non-plastic molds:
(1) Non-plastic molds include: casting molds, forging molds, stamping molds, die casting molds, etc.
A. Casting mold——faucet, cast iron platform
B. Forging die-car body
C. Stamping die-computer panel
D. Die-casting mold-super alloy, cylinder block
(2) Plastic mold
Is divided into:
A. Injection molding mold-TV shell, keyboard buttons (the most common application)
B. Blowing mold-beverage bottle
C. Compression molding die-bakelite switch, scientific porcelain dishes
D. Transfer molding die-integrated circuit products
E. Extrusion mould-glue tube, plastic bag
F. Thermoforming mold-transparent molded packaging shell
G. Rotary molding die-soft doll toy
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