Type 101 plastic injection mold processing requirements

Type 101 plastic injection mold processing requirements

What are the requirements for 101 type injection plastic mold processing?

The type 101 plastic injection mold has a processing cycle of up to 1 million times and is used for extremely high-volume products. The best mold material is used for manufacturing, so the price is extremely expensive.
The required standards are as follows:
The ejector must have a guide.
The side slider must be equipped with a loss plate.
Need to have detailed plastic mold processing design information.
The minimum hardness of mold base is BHN280 (HRC 30).
The mold surface (including upper and lower molds) must be at least within the hardness range of BHN450 (48RC). All other accessories such as sliders, inclined tops, pressing tops, etc. should use hard tool steel.
A temperature controller should be installed on the upper mold, lower mold, slider or possible places on the mold.
In the life of the mold, due to the erosion of the cooling water pipeline, the quality of the product is reduced and the injection cycle is increased. It is recommended that the cooling water transport insert or template be treated for anti-erosion.
All molds of this type must be equipped with a parting line clamping mechanism.

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