The Requirements For Manufacturing Plastic Molds

The Requirements For Manufacturing Plastic Molds
  • 1. It is necessary to ensure the mold manufacturing cycle. When manufacturing plastic molds, we should strive to shorten the cycle of plastic mold manufacturing. To this end, we should strive to shorten the exposure of the forming process, formulate reasonable processing procedures, compile scientific process standards, and use equipment economically and reasonably Strive to change the single piece production into multiple pieces production, adopt and promote “group processing technology”.
  • 2. The cost of the mold should be low. In order to reduce the cost of plastic molds, it is necessary to use materials reasonably, reduce the manufacturing cycle of plastic molds, and strive to increase the service life of plastic molds.
  • 3. To ensure the quality of the molds The molds produced in accordance with the process regulations in the manufacture and processing of plastic molds. It should be able to meet all the requirements of precision and surface quality specified in the design drawings of plastic molds, and be able to mass produce qualified product parts.
  • 4. It is necessary to continuously improve the level of processing technology. According to the existing conditions, the manufacturing of plastic molds should adopt new processes, new technologies and new materials as much as possible to improve mold production efficiency and reduce costs, so that mold production has higher technical and economic benefits and levels.

Plastic mold is mainly composed of three parts: pouring system, molding parts and structural parts. Among them, the pouring system and the molded parts are the parts that directly contact with the plastic, and change with the plastic and the product. They are the parts of the plastic mold that are complex and change a lot, and require high processing finish and high precision.

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