The problems in the metal mold industry hinder its development

The problems in the metal mold industry hinder its development

First of all, the leading tools in the hardware tool industry are not strong. The hardware tool industry, the leading tool companies of pioneering tools are not distinguished in their foreign market skills and overall competitiveness of the industry;

Second, the skill innovation ability is weak. The hardware tool industry distinguishes only Hangzhou and Jiande city-level skill (development) centers of gravity and one;

Third, the market structure is too simple. The important business of hardware tools comes from foreign trade orders, and the dependence of exports is too high. Under the influence of the economic crisis caused by the international financial crisis, these companies’ export markets have shrunk sharply, which has constituted a serious threat to life;

Fourth, brand building is definitely lagging behind. Most of the hardware and tools enterprises rely on OEM consumption, lacking the reputation and central competitiveness.
Fifth, there is a lack of services on public platforms. Even if there are hardware tool industry associations, industry self-discipline is still more difficult, and the focus of the industry associations is still difficult.

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