The principle of injection mold temperature machine

The principle of injection mold temperature machine

The mold temperature machine has brought about a revolution. The actual title of the mold temperature machine should be called the mold temperature control machine. It is widely used in various industries such as plastic molding and light guide plates. In modern factories, in response to the competition of the mall, save manpower and progress The management strategy of quality and cost reduction is imminent. The use of a water temperature machine can reduce the preheating time of the mold, improve the appearance of the product and can be fully automated. Increasing the life of the mold is a necessary method to improve the productivity. From a broad perspective It should be called a mold temperature machine, including temperature control of heating and freezing. The use of mold temperature machines in the plastics industry is widely compared, and its main functions are:

  • 1. Improve the molding efficiency of commodities;
  • 2. Improve the appearance of the product and suppress the shortcomings of the product;
  • 3.Accelerate production progress, reduce energy consumption and save energy.

There is also a lot of space for the application of thermal oil furnace in the die-casting profession, so it can be called a die-casting mold temperature machine according to the profession. It is called temperature control system or temperature control machine in rubber mixer equipment, and it is called heat conduction oil furnace in the hot press profession, especially in the manufacture of magnesium alloys and aluminum alloys. Uneven or inappropriate mold temperature will cause The scale of the casting is unstable, the deformation of the casting is ejected during the production process, and the defects such as thermal pressure, sticky mold, external depression, internal shrinkage cavity and thermal bubble occur. It also affects the production cycle, such as filling time, cooling time and spraying time Unstable variables occur. In addition,

After heating up in rubber equipment, it still takes a long time to perform a cooling process. The use of temperature controllers in other occupations is a necessary condition for the composition of the equipment, and the name is different. It is called in the temperature control of PVC sheet rollers. The oil heater is called temperature control equipment in the extruder equipment. These equipment are basically a rapid temperature increase, and then the process of thermal insulation. The life of the mold will also be expensive due to the impact of supercooling and overheating. Thermal cracking of the steel accelerates its aging.

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