The general trend of the plastic mold market is steady and upward

The general trend of the plastic mold market is steady and upward

According to expert predictions, the overall trend of the mold market is steady and upward. In the future mold market, the development speed of plastic molds will be higher than other molds, and the proportion in the mold industry will gradually increase.
Although plastic molds have become the most attractive cheeses nowadays, cherries are delicious and trees are difficult to plant. Due to the complex shape and flexible design of plastic parts, high requirements are placed on mold materials, design level and processing equipment, and not everyone can easily get involved. Experts believe that there is still a big gap between China and foreign countries. It is necessary to break through the three major bottlenecks restricting the development of the mold industry as soon as possible. Development, speed up the integration of resources; the third is that the tooling level of mold test results inspection and other tools must keep up as soon as possible, otherwise the development of plastic molds will be restricted.
In recent years, the plastic mold industry has developed rapidly in China, and it is accompanied by increasingly fierce market competition. After joining the WTO, foreign mold manufacturers enter the domestic market. Specialized production is essential.
The development of mold standard parts is of great significance to shorten the mold design and manufacturing cycle, reduce mold production costs, and improve mold quality. If we can achieve the professional production and commercial supply of mold standard parts, we will greatly promote the mold industry in China development of.
Although the increase in mold exports in recent years is greater than the increase in imports, the absolute amount of increase is still greater than imports, resulting in an increase in the mold trade deficit year by year. This situation has improved in 2006, and the deficit has decreased slightly. There are two main reasons for the increase in the mold foreign trade deficit: First, the sustained high-speed development of the national economy, especially the rapid development of the automotive industry has brought strong demand for molds. Some high-end molds cannot be produced domestically and have to be imported; but there are some Moulds can be produced domestically and imported. This is related to China’s current tariff policy and project approval system. The second is insufficient encouragement for mold exports. Now that the mold is the same as other electromechanical products, the export tax rebate rate is only 13%, but not 17%.
China’s plastic mold industry development prospect forecast report understands that plastic mold manufacturers should focus on those large-scale, precise, complex, long-life molds with high technological content, and vigorously develop international markets and develop export molds. With the rapid development of China’s plastic industry, especially engineering plastics, it is foreseeable that the development speed of China’s plastic mold will continue to be higher than the overall development speed of the mold industry, and the annual growth rate will remain at a level of about 20% in the next few years.

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