The Function Of Food Grade Silicone


Products made with food-grade silicone can directly touch the body and the human esophagus without causing any harm. Whether it is an adult or a child or the elderly, up to now, there are many common silicone products for babies. Pockets, silicone nipples, silicone toys, silicone scrapers, silicone drinking cups, and also different silicone fresh-keeping caps, silicone folding cups, etc.

The development of silicone products has been coming to China as early as 1980, and silicone products have been very popular and used in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. However, in China, although the development of various silicone products is still in its infancy, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, everyone’s awareness of health and improving silicone products are more and more valued.

In our current life, silicone products have become the choice of most consumers, especially for making some household items, these have been proven to a large extent. Rongjin Silicone Products Factory is a professional manufacturer of silicone products. Can be customized according to customer design drawings or mold 3D files. Silicone materials are environmentally friendly, healthy and non-toxic, and will be destined to become the future, allowing more household goods to be consumed in the future.

Food-grade silicone products have high-quality product materials, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, long life, soft and comfortable. The important thing is that the hardness can be adjusted and changed arbitrarily according to the product environment and requirements. Now, most manufacturers of silicone products realize that silicone products are not only of high material quality, but also of high quality. more and more important. As far as silicone bibs are concerned, in addition to the materials to be certified by many testing agencies, design and color are also very important. If silicone products can make greater discoveries and breakthroughs in the production process and materials, then in the future, silicone products will occupy a large part of household products, especially food-grade silicone products, will be maternal and child, home, life and gifts The main body in use.

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