Special requirements for plastic molds mirror polishing

Special requirements for mirror polishing of plastic molds

Manufacturers who have done plastic mold mirror polishing know that hot tofu cannot be eaten if they are too anxious. The most evasive thing about plastic mold mirror polishing is quick success. A professional plastic mold mirror polishing manufacturer, knowing that polishing is a process from shallow to deep, let me tell you today what the mirror polishing method for electronic optical plastic mold represents.

Grinding and polishing should be done from shallow to deep, and follow the rules to do the work. The main thing is to use thick to fine whetstones to do the corresponding production and processing. After returning to the previous step and finishing, then step from rough sanding paper Drag to the fine sanding paper, and then you need to use a different type of diamond smoke grinding paste to do a rough to fine grinding and polishing.

Mirror polishing also involves the use of auxiliary tools. At the time of finishing, the polishing technicians also used the oilstones with all their strengths. All of them have corresponding technical standards. The moving parts should be evenly distributed, and it is not easy to rub the groove marks. For sanding sandpaper, high quality is used, and the wooden sticks for polishing are divided into cork board and mahogany wood. Generally, rough sanding is all using mahogany wood, while polishing and polishing require the use of cork board. Only by matching the imported diamond mirror polishing paste can the actual effect of the mirror be achieved.

Mirror polishing has very high special requirements for the environment of plastic mold mirror polishing. Many high-end products need to meet very high standards to complete plastic mold mirror polishing. A modern private enterprise that integrates product development and design, precision mold manufacturing, product injection molding, oil-jet screen printing, and electronic assembly. It is located on Bihu Avenue, Fenggang, Dongguan City, with convenient transportation.

We mainly produce all kinds of precision plastics such as household appliances, digital, communication, office, computers, network and so on. By cooperating with different customers with different special requirements, using different types of hot runner systems to produce and process plastic molds, and vigorously developing various cutting-edge technologies such as ultra-precision molds and IMD / IML to increase the company’s technology. Competing for advantage, the home appliance products are mainly PHILIPS, Toshiba, Hitachi, etc., the remote control series mainly include ASUS, Haier, Helian, Wanshiyi, etc., and the office equipment product series.

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