PVC plastic profile extrusion die

PVC plastic profile extrusion die

The PVC plastic profile extrusion die is the key part of the extrusion production line equipment. It includes die mouth (otherwise known as die head), setting die, water cooling water tank, etc. According to the assembly of the flange piece and the flange piece on the extruder head, the die mouth is integrated, and the electric heating ring and the heating plate are installed, and the switching power supply and the thermal resistance are connected. The fixing mold and the water cooling water tank are fixed on the fixing table with screws, and the water pipe and the air pipe are connected.

The basic structural features of the extrusion die head are usually designed as the structural features of how fast the template is spliced ​​and assembled. Therefore, the gates of all the die heads are formed by one-stage gates in each template, connected front, back, left and right. Each template is accurately positioned and locked with pins and bolts to form an integrated extrusion die. The basic condition is: the steady flow section of the extrusion die is often composed of a round orifice plate and the front half of the neck. It is also designed and conceived into two templates for the neck and the neck connecting plate, respectively. It is also possible to conceive the gate design of the first half of the neck as a cylindrical gate without stabilizing the flow without using a circular orifice plate.

The shunt section of the extrusion die starts from the back half of the neck and contains the shunt cone, the shunt support plate and the gathering plate. The folding board can also not be independently cut into a piece of template, but together with the pre-formed plate to form a piece of template.
The stencils involved in the forming section of the extrusion die are: cavity plate (otherwise known as pre-formed plate), die plate (otherwise known as forming plate) and core (otherwise known as die core). For the simpler profile die head, the preformed plate and die template are combined into one template.

The key points of product design

The key point of the design of pVC plastic profile products is that the thickness and shape of each section strive to be symmetrically distributed, so that the materials flow evenly in the machine head, the water cooling should be balanced, and the pressure tends to be balanced. Generally speaking, the difference between the maximum wall thickness and the smaller wall thickness of the same section
<50% is more appropriate. If it is a closed rib product, the rib thickness should be 20% thinner than the wall thickness. In order to avoid stress concentration at the corners of PVC plastic profile products, the product shape changes should be smoothly and smoothly connected, usually the outer corner R is not less than 0.5mm, the inner corner R is not less than 0.25mm. Avoid overlapping products. The hollow part of the product cannot be too small. The cross-sectional shape is preferably symmetrical.

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