Production efficiency in the injection mold industry

Production efficiency in the injection mold industry

With the rapid development of the injection mold industry, a new model of injection mold manufacturing based on the information age. The production efficiency of the injection mold industry has been greatly improved, which has a milestone impact on the manufacturing industry. Due to the organic combination of product information and manufacturing information related to injection mold manufacturing activities, the traditional manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. In the information age, this advantage has been excellently played and reflected. The modern manufacturing process can be regarded as a value-added process of the amount of information contained in raw materials, etc., and the drive of industrial information flow will become the mainstream of the manufacturing industry.

As injection molded products are widely used in daily life, mold technology has become an important indicator of a country’s product manufacturing level.

In recent years, China’s injection molds have developed rapidly in terms of quality and quantity, but compared with foreign advanced technology, the technical level of most of China’s enterprises still needs to be improved. At present, compared with the advanced technical level abroad, China’s injection mold industry mainly has the following problems:

The contradiction between supply and demand is difficult to solve in the short term: the domestic market satisfaction rate of domestic injection molds has been less than 74%, and the satisfaction rate of large-scale, precision and long-life molds is lower. At present, the molds of industrially developed countries are accelerating the transfer to China, and international procurement is increasing. Market demand is strong, production development is difficult to keep up with, and the situation of supply shortage will continue for a while.

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