Process and process of plastic mold factory

Process and process of plastic mold factory

In recent years, the plastic mold industry has become increasingly demanding on mechanical equipment and instruments! The cost of mold inspection equipment, three-coordinate inspection equipment and other inspection equipment is constantly increasing, which shows that the progress of quality is the direction of development of the needs of the entire plastic mold manufacturers. After more than 20 years of exploration and continuous study, Yangfan Fine Mold Co., Ltd. has summed up many years of experience: to ensure the quality of plastic molds, it is also necessary to strictly control the key links of plastic mold production and production, in order to make The mold has high quality, and the specific situation can be controlled from the following 9 steps:

1. Effectively handle product data processing, process data processing, drawing and document processing: perform useful product data processing, process data processing, drawing and document processing, to ensure the comprehensiveness of the document, the consistency of the drawing version; make the drawing Can reach useful sharing and useful inquiries. Able to establish a complete computer database for document management, to collect and use the planning drawings piled up in the planning part, scattered, and the information that was scattered and blocked, to prevent the 2d and 3d confusion due to the planning drawings, original, set change, repair version Do n’t be confused, the inconsistency between the 3d model and the 2d drawing data, the irregular and disordered planning of the 2d drawing is not easy to be found and corrected in time, and the mold must be modified and reworked, or even scrapped. The production cycle of mold production affects the delivery time.

2. The planning and shaping costs of each set of molds need to be summarized in time: After the effective release of the work ticket of the workshop, the scrap of the tools is effectively handled; after accurate mold structure planning, efficient mold parts processing and precision The detection of spare parts will effectively reduce the additional cost of the mold due to design changes and repairs, and then obtain the actual cost of each set of molds, effectively controlling the quality of the mold.

3. Adhere to the consistency and completeness of the data of the mold drawings, processing technology, and materials: After useful, detailed, and rigorous testing methods, the consistency and completeness of the data of the mold drawings, processing technology, and materials are guaranteed.

4. Overall planning: Organize and integrate the information of the plan, planning, processing technology, workshop production status, human resources, etc. together for overall planning, and then use the harmonious plan and production, which can effectively ensure the quality of the mold and deliver on time.

5. Draw up a complete and practical mold production management system: formulate a complete mold production management system to complete the computer information management system of product data processing, process data processing, scheme processing, and progress processing for the mold production processing process, Including mold production plan preparation, mold planning, process preparation, workshop mission assignment and product inspection, warehouse handling, etc., so that mold production and related auxiliary information from the plan preparation to completion and delivery can complete a full range of tracking.

6. Establish processing technology establishment: establish processing technology establishment, summarize mold parts list, purchased parts list, standard parts list, self-made parts list, self-made standard parts list, material list, heat-treated parts list, vulnerable The parts list and mold costs ensure that relevant resources are available in time. Combining the production plan and progress management to ensure that the relevant equipment can be used effectively and prevent personnel from being idle, so that all links in the process can be interlocked.

7. Establish a quality inspection part, strictly standardize the inspection methods, eliminate the “almost” luck psychology, and ensure the accuracy of mold processing parts. Effectively control the quality of the mold, and effectively relate the quality to individuals based on the upper and lower process records. Can strengthen the responsibility of planning and operators.

8. According to the situation of the company and customers, formulate mold planning standards and mold planning operation instructions suitable for the company and customers; mold production standards, mold production operation instructions, standard mold planning and mold production; Habits, old mold-making ideas create molds that do not meet customer requirements.

9. Set up a mold project follow-up management team: erect communication and supervision bridges between customers—shopping—engineering—acquisition—production—warehouse—injection molding, etc., carry out detailed affairs and skills communication, and comprehensively understand customers ’details Mold skill requirements, record and summarize the content of communication and accurately communicate to each department to avoid repetition, repeated, trial, modification, rework, and then save costs and time. For each customer, gradually build a knowledge base of customer business and skills information, shared within the company, in order to improve customer service levels and reduce errors. Follow up and supervise the production progress of the mold project, organize mold trial, follow-up reminding of related materials, model test confirmation, sample delivery, organization of mold walking and other matters.

With the gradual fullness of plastic mold shopping malls, the demand for shopping malls is getting smaller and smaller, and the requirements for product functions and personalization are getting higher and higher. The days when plastic molds won at a low price in the past have gone forever, followed by entrepreneurship and innovation The sound of development slogans, hundreds of new technology startups participating in the mall, in addition to technological innovation and breakthroughs, secondly, the quality requirements of all aspects of the products are more stringent than in the past, which also promotes the entire manufacturing operation. Quality reform, mold making as the mother of industry, standing on the cusp of the storm face the opportunities and challenges coexist, as long as we strive for excellence, the introduction of advanced equipment to complete a more complete handling mechanism. The ability to control the quality of the plastic mold in the link, as long as this ability is more useful to improve the quality of the mold. Keeping up with the footsteps of science and technology can make products better meet the needs of shopping malls.

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