Plastic Mold Mirror Polishing

Plastic Mold Mirror Polishing

Plastic mold mirror polishing is generally from coarse sandpaper to fine sandpaper, and then use different types of diamond grinding and polishing paste from coarse to fine polishing method, and then from coarse sandpaper to fine Sandpaper is transformed.

After the above steps are completed, you need to use diamond grinding and polishing paste to polish from coarse to fine. The effect of polishing like this is better.

But at the same time, mirror polishing is very demanding for tools and related technical requirements. The use of whetstones in the rough machining of the mold also has the intensity of polishing. The moving position needs to be uniform, no scratches can appear, and the polished sandpaper High quality is required, and the ground wood strips also have certain standards. Hard wood is used for rough grinding, and soft wood is used for polishing, and high-quality diamond grinding paste can be used to produce a mirror effect.

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