Plastic mold for repeated reprocessing and recycling

Plastic mold for repeated reprocessing and recycling

In China, the recycling and processing industry of waste plastics, which was originally intended for environmental protection and recycling, has been toxic and harmful due to long-term extensive and disorderly operations, together with a large number of domestic waste products, and mixed processing and recycling of local and foreign materials. It brings huge air pollution and severe smog. The visibility during the 11th period is within 200 meters. Waste input, cleaning, processing and granulation, and product recycling, from being discarded by people to being used by people again, waste plastics are recycled again and again.

Returning to the consumer again, it may be transformed into a food packaging bag or a health care product container, but because of the difficulty in the supervision of the recycling process and the lack of market access detection technology, those hidden health risks are difficult to detect. Mr. Chen, the principal of Baoding Tengfei Plastic Mould Box Factory, was very anxious when he saw this.

He called dozens of factories in the same industry to gather for a meeting to start from himself and make contributions to society. The characteristics of plastic molds are waste input, cleaning and granulation, and product recycling. From the initial discard by people to the re-use of people, waste plastics are repeated again and again. It can be reprocessed and reused, and it can also be recycled. It can also be used for daily necessities plastics, crushed, and manufactured into a variety of curbstone molds, curbstone molds, and slope protection plastic molds.

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