Plastic mold design labeling should be clear

Plastic mold design labeling should be clear

Plastic mold material

The heat treatment hardness of each template and part is consistent with the current FLX standard. In special cases, the template and part material can be replaced according to the same needs.

1. Plastic template material

2. Plastic mold parts material

Plastic mold parts labeling

All parts must be marked with 3 decimal places.

Each template needs to have a detailed processing requirements:

1) The material and hardness of the template, and the main board (off board and lower template) need to be super-cold treated.

2) The flatness of the template needs to be marked with +/- 0.02.

3) The surface roughness requirements of the template shall be marked.

4) The verticality of the template line after cutting should be marked +/- 0.005.

The blade needs to be marked with the length and taper of the straight body, and the small blade (round hole) can be straight 1.5 degrees or escaped.

Plastic Mold
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