Operation process of plastic mold installation and debugging


When a new plastic mold needs to be debugged, it is necessary to remove the original mold on the injection molding machine, and use the appropriate thread to replace the mold. The heating system of the injection molding machine is gradually preheated, and the oil pump is started when the temperature is right. After the clamping speed is adjusted properly, the mold opening position is moved to the maximum value.

Lift the mold between the movable template and the fixed template of the injection molding machine, and lightly install the positioning ring on the positioning ring of the injection molding machine. Use proper clamping force to lock the mold without damaging the mold, and let the nozzle of the injection seat gently touch the nozzle of the mold, and then the injection seat can be removed only when the two are completely matched.

Fasten the front and rear male and female to the movable template and the fixed template with code plastic mold clamps to ensure balance on both sides as much as possible. In order to prevent unidentified impurities in the produced parts, it is necessary to open the male mold to check whether there is any debris inside, and clean it up in time.

Adjust the male mold to proper clamping, and the mold opening speed can proceed smoothly. The ejector pin is an important component for ejecting the part. The distance must be reasonable, and it should not be too fast or too long to hinder the ejection of the part. Adjust the low-pressure clamping force and high-pressure position until the clamping can be done normally.

After installing the front and rear molds, cooling the water and adjusting the plastic mold temperature, the process needs to be tested, and the production parts meet the requirements as the standard. During this process, the various parameters of the process debugging are recorded as much as possible, so that later Find problems and make corrections at work.

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