Why is the appearance of the more refined earphone plastic mold?


Why are the earphone plastic molds of private molds that are more refined from the outside in the market? If you are still struggling to develop a new model or follow the wave to use a public model, it is better to let PTJ give you a more innovative choice, including new ideas and intentions, naturally non-private model earphone plastic molds!

Don’t doubt the market extensibility of the plastic mold of the private mold earphone, after all, it is unique, or the private mold is more reliable! PTJ wants to explain that in addition to market extensibility, it also wants to echo: the concept of private model customization can better present ideals and beliefs.

Of course, the brand pays attention to exquisiteness and quality, so the exquisite Bluetooth headset must choose the private mold headset plastic mold to match it.

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