How does an injection mold factory achieve a mold precision of 0.01mm


To open injection molds, most customers will choose injection mold factories with high cnc machining accuracy. Because of the high accuracy, it is possible to avoid oil leakage after the shell is assembled with ultrasound. So what kind of injection mold factory has high precision?

How an injection mold factory can manufacture high-precision products has a lot to do with the quality of its production equipment. At present, because many injection mold factories are reluctant to invest, the processing equipment they purchase is also very ordinary, and the processing accuracy is only It can reach 0.1mm, while Chuangzhi plastic products are processed by a five-axis machine with a tolerance of 0.01mm. This is a high degree of precision that many injection mold factories cannot achieve.

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Equipment is the main aspect. Only experienced engineers and experienced mold masters can make the tolerances of injection molds accurate. PTJ Plastics machining masters are veterans with more than ten years of industry experience. Advanced equipment, craftsman spirit, and rigorous operation steps ensure that the tolerance of the injection mold is controlled at 0.01 mm, which perfectly solves the problem of oil leakage after ultrasound.

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