How are injection plastic molds manufactured?

How are injection plastic molds manufactured?

We are often asked how we make injection molds, and more specifically, how we make injection molds. The cost and time required to produce traditional mass production injection molds is the result of the need to maximize productivity and minimize the cost per piece of mass production.

Very high output and high productivity require hardened steel tools with fully automated, multi-cavity, advanced runners and cooling systems. Such tools are very complex, time-consuming to produce and test, and are difficult to modify once they are put into use. However, when customers need hundreds of injection molded parts in a compact delivery time, and the production speed does not need to be high, a completely different mold production method can be used.

Understanding customer needs is the foundation of every successful injection mold project
From the very beginning of each customer’s participation, we have worked hard to understand the background of the entire project for which we are producing molded products to ensure that we can meet our customers’ major needs and make the best decisions for mold design.


  • What is the end use of the product?
  • What are the parts we are molding?
  • Components will be used for form, fit, functional testing?
  • Is this project just a model for the upcoming trade show?
  • Are these parts used as final production parts?
  • How are the required materials selected and what are the requirements?
  • Do components need to have high-quality surface finishes or special textures?
  • Understanding and acting on the answers to these questions is the foundation of a successful injection molding project.
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