General characteristics of hot runner plastic mold

General characteristics of hot runner plastic mold

The hot runner plastic mold has the following remarkable features:

1. Shorten the molding cycle of parts and improve production efficiency

Because there is no restriction on the cooling time of the main flow channel and the secondary flow channel, the parts can be ejected in time after being formed and solidified. Many thin-walled products produced with hot runner molds can be completed within 8 seconds

2. Save plastic materials

Nozzle materials will be produced during traditional injection molding, and high-demand plastic products are not allowed to use sprue materials (recycled secondary materials), because repeated use of sprue materials will degrade the plastic molecular structure and performance, and reuse will affect product quality. There is no cold runner in the hot runner mold, so there is no nozzle material (waste). This is particularly significant for applications where plastics are expensive. In fact, the major international hot runner manufacturers have developed rapidly in the era when oil and plastic raw materials are expensive in the world. Because hot runner technology is an effective way to reduce material cost, material cost and cost saving.

3. Reduce defective products and improve product quality

In the hot runner mold forming process, the temperature of the plastic melt is accurately controlled in the runner system, and the plastic can flow into the mold cavities in a more uniform state, and the result is a plastic part of consistent quality. The quality of the plastic parts formed by the hot runner is good, the residual stress after demolding is low, the deformation of the plastic parts is small, and the surface appearance of the injection molded products is greatly improved. Therefore, many high-quality products on the market are produced by hot runner molds. For example, many plastic parts in familiar phone casings, mobile phone casings, printer casings, computers, and automobiles are produced using hot runner molds.

4. Eliminate subsequent processes, which is conducive to production automation

After the hot runner mold is formed, the parts are finished products. There is no need to trim gates and recycle cold glue channels, which is conducive to production automation. Many foreign product manufacturers have combined hot runners with automation to greatly improve production efficiency.

5. Expand the application of injection molding process

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