Five major problems in China’s plastic mold industry


(1) Unbalanced development and low overall product standards

Although the products of individual plastic mold companies have reached or approached the international advanced level, overall, the accuracy of the mold, the surface roughness of the cavity, the production cycle, and the life span are still far behind the advanced foreign standards.

(2) Backward process equipment and poor organization and coordination ability

Although some enterprises have undergone technological transformations in recent years, the level of process equipment has been relatively advanced, and the level of equipment of some foreign-funded enterprises is not behind that of foreign countries, but the process equipment of most enterprises is still relatively backward. More importantly, the organization and coordination ability of enterprises is poor, and it is difficult to integrate or mobilize social resources for my use, which makes it difficult to undertake relatively large projects.

(3) Most companies have weak development capabilities and obviously insufficient innovation capabilities

On the one hand, the proportion of technical personnel is low and the level is not high enough; on the other hand, the investment in scientific research and development is low; more importantly, the concept is backward and insufficient attention is paid to innovation and development. China Plastic Mold companies should not only pay attention to mold development, but also to product innovation.

(4) The contradiction between supply and demand is difficult to alleviate in the short term

In recent years, the satisfaction rate of the mainland market for Chinese-made plastic molds has been less than 74%. Among them, the satisfaction rate of large, precise, and long-life molds is even lower, estimated to be less than 60%. At the same time, the molds of industrialized developed countries are accelerating the transfer to China, and there are more and more international purchases. The international market prospects are promising. The market demand is strong, production development is still difficult to keep up for a while, and the situation of short supply will continue for some time.

(5) It will take time to resolve the system and talent issues

In the socialist market economy, competitive industries, especially those industries that rely on special users and require single-piece production such as molds, have become increasingly unsuitable to the original systems and operating mechanisms of state-owned and collective ownership. The number and quality of talents cannot keep up with the rapid development of the industry.

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